2. Paul's early years of service 36-45 AD (Acts 2:38, 1 Peter 3:21, Galatians 1:11-12)

Hilary Smith, 11/05/2014
Part of the What can we learn from the life of Paul? series, given at a Sunday Morning service


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Acts 2:38

38 And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. (ESV)

1 Peter 3:21

21 Baptism, which corresponds to this, now saves you, not as a removal of dirt from the body but as an appeal to God for a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, (ESV)

Galatians 1:11-12

11 For I would have you know, brothers, that the gospel that was preached by me is not man's gospel. 12 For I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation of Jesus Christ. (ESV)

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