How will you respond?


Easter - Still Risen (1)

Article 50 was triggered last Wednesday. Emotions ran high – jubilation, anger, confusion, fear, disappointment, relief.  Some people though were complacent and didn’t care either way. The newspapers are full of Brexit news and will be for a long while to come I imagine.

It’s natural to be passionate about things that matter to us and Brexit is important. But there is other news very worthy of our deep emotions. Let’s make sure alongside the  passionate feelings we may have either way for issues  like Brexit , that  we have strong feelings of compassion for  people in desperate  places like Mosul and  the famine in East Africa. Hopefully deep emotions for those suffering will then trigger action in us – prayer, giving or getting involved in a practical way. May they be assured that we are not complacent and it’s not that we ‘don’t care either way’.

Easter reminds us that God certainly is not complacent, cares deeply about our broken relationship with Him and others and Jesus did something about it. May this Easter trigger a response to Him in us.

Julie Shimizu (Rev)   Life Community Baptist Church