Emmanuel – God with us


I enjoyed that very Christmas market in Berlin just last year and remember well the vibrant stalls, the colourful lights and the festive atmosphere. It made me very sad to imagine the shock and horror of stall holders and visitors caught up in the lorry ploughing into it last week. A senseless act of murder and violence. Lives lost and instant untold damage to many people and their families forever. One minute all well, the next unspeakable, unexpected horror.

As we look back on 2016 we have seen a lot of the unexpected. We’ve witnessed some huge shifts in our global, political and economic landscapes. We’ve seen and continue to see war between and within nations, political upheaval, economic instability and unprecedented migration. The future can seem uncertain and fearful as we step into 2017. Who knows what to expect?

We were never promised a trouble free life ‘ In this world you will have trouble’ Jesus said. (John 16:33) However the Christmas carols we’ve just heard and sung, remind us that His name would be Emmanuel – God with us – and what He did promise to those who believe was that He would guide, He would comfort and would give us hope now and for eternity. That much, the Christian can joyfully expect. Happy New Year

Julie Shimizu (Rev)   Life Community Baptist Church