Sustainable Power


Starting 10th May, for the next few weeks and over Pentecost, we begin a new sermon series called ‘Sustainable Power’. We will be looking at how we might continue to seek more of the tangible presence and power of God by His Spirit amongst us, as a church and as individuals. We have, for example, at times seen Jesus heal in wonderful ways over the years – but long to see more.  Jesus said in John 7:38 ‘Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him’.  Are there ‘rocks in the river?’  Are there things in our lives which block that flow and therefore we are not able to be as effective channels of His blessings as we could be?  We will be considering some of these over the weeks.

Let’s pray that we will be open to all God might say to us during this series for the glory of His name and the sake of His kingdom.

Easter is about Jesus

CollagesOur Easter service on 5th April 2015 was called “It’s not about the bunny”. Our young people were asked to paint or draw a picture about the real meaning of Easter and it was encouraging to see what they they provided.

The Gospel of John – Lumo Project Film

There will be a three part TV series to be shown on BBC 2 this Easter  (Friday 3rd, Sunday 5th and Monday 6th  April 2015 at 8am), called The Gospel of John.

For the first time on British Television, a film using the actual words of the Gospel of John (NIV) will be broadcast.  This film is part of the Lumo Project, which comprises 4 Gospel films, of which The Gospel of John is the first, is intended as a much needed resource for outreach and education work.

The series narrates John’s Gospel over dramatized reconstructed video footage.  Jesus is played by Selva Rasalingam

For more information visit the Lumo Project Website

Our Easter Service – “It’s not about the bunny”


Our Easter Service is entitled “It’s not about the bunny”.    Come and join us on Easter Day and find out the real meaning of Easter and what it’s really about.

A commitment to Pray

LENT draft

’10/10: God’s way – Still The Right Way’


We begin a new sermon series on Sunday 11th January, on the Ten Commandments:

  • Are they still relevant for today though?
  • Don’t they need updating?

J John once said ‘According to social and economic trends our country is in deep decline. We are being confronted with a rise in crime, in family breakdown, debt and drug abuse. We live in a generation that has lost its fixed compass. It’s lost its anchor. The Ten Commandments are only like the embossed numerals on the dial of every person’s conscience. They are not made for any particular period in history. They were based for human nature and therefore were commandments for all seasons, all centuries, for all cultures, as universal and perpetual as honour and truth…
God himself is the source of the Ten Commandments and because the basis of the Ten Commandments is God – THEY WORK’

So over the next few weeks (interspersed with a mini monthly series Wally will be running alongside on ‘Jesus through the Bible from beginning to end’)   we’ll be taking a look at how we might apply these principles to the real life situations we face day by day.

Emotions – Something to be happy about

Our All Age Christmas Service on 21st December 2014, entitled “Something to be happy about”, looked at our different emotions and we then thought about the varying emotions that the people involved in the first Christmas had, as told in the Nativity account (Luke chapters 1, 2 and Matthew chapters 1, 2) – Real people, real events relevant to us today.

We, along with billions of others around the world, celebrate Christmas because of the birth of a special child 2000 years ago, Jesus, which is the happiest news ever.    The angels told the Shepherds:  “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:10-11)

So said the angel to the shepherds – God Himself born into our world to be our Saviour, to bring us the forgiveness and peace with God that we so desperately need.

 Now that is the source of “great joy”


Ladies Advent reflections at St Cuthmans

In the rush of Christmas we can so easily lose sight of what is important and forget what Christmas is really all about

Of course it’s all about Jesus!

It was good to spend some quiet time at St Cuthmans, a beautiful and tranquil retreat venue in Coolham; reflecting on some thoughts around Advent, praying and also walking round the gardens

We should always make it a priority to make space and time to listen to what Jesus is saying to us

Here are some photos from the day

A new book by Julie Shimizu

With Candles On My Shoes:

“God can teach us more about himself through any life experience if we are willing to learn.”

Click to buy bookAs Julie reflects on the journey of her life, including a number of years spent in Japan, adapting to the culture, she recognizes key lessons that God has taught her through her experiences.

Drawing on diary entries, as well as her poetry and artwork, Julie delightfully illustrates many timeless truths.

Each lesson includes a scripture to meditate on, as well as an honest, heartfelt prayer to help you draw near to the Father.


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